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Customer acquisition is hard. See your potential client’s Financials at the beginning of the sales process, instead of the end!

SALESiQ is at the cutting edge of Accounting Sales Automation (ASA). Here are just some of the ways our ASA program can change your business.

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Time is money. Save time and increase accuracy with VERIFYiQ

VERIFYiQ is at the cutting edge of Accounting Quality Automation (AQuA). Here are just some of the ways our AQuA program can change your business.


The API key on our Enterprise Plan allows you to create a zap to the software of your choice and push the completed review data into that software. You can use this for pretty much any software, as long as it integrates with Zapier.

If you’re on our Enterprise Plan, this option is super easy to find and use. Just go under company settings, click on “API Integration”, then use the given API key to create a zap. Easy-peasy!

If you’re using our Team or Enterprise Plans, there are two easy-to-use dashboards.

The first is the Firm Dashboard. This contains a list of your clients, as well as the review status of each review so you can get most of your information with a quick glimpse.

The second is the Client Dashboard. This one contains important client bookkeeping information, including banking, credit card accounts, and associated transactions. This way, you can find any financial information you need with the click of a button.

VERIFYiQ takes security very seriously. That’s why VERIFYiQ only has a view-only connection with your accounting software. That means any changes made within VERIFYiQ will not affect your QuickBooks file or your Xero file. You must make any changes directly in the accounting software.

Another way that VERIFYiQ takes security very seriously is that we offer two-factor authentication. In fact, if you’re on our Enterprise Plan, you can easily enable or disable two-factor authentication for all users.

If you’re on our Team or Enterprise Plan, you only need two people in order to run a review, and those are a bookkeeper and a reviewer.

In VERIFYiQ’s Team and Enterprise plans, there are two types of review notes that are possible. These are summary comments and query comments, and both of these are available for the bookkeeper and the reviewer to take advantage of.

Summary comments are great for matters concerning the overall health of the client, or the overall status of their books.

On the other hand, query comments are for going into detail. You can also match the comment type to the tab or section within VERIFYiQ. So, for example, if you need to leave a specific comment regarding the reconciliation, you can tie it to the reconciliation section.

Yes, you can have test rules that are specific to each client.

If you’re on our Team or Enterprise Plan, the test rules correspond to the tabs on the Dashboard – there is the “Reconciliation” Test Rule, “General Ledger” Test Rule, “Income Statement” Test Rule, and several others. Each rule is easy to change / update within VERIFYiQ.

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