‘Tis is era of value pricing.

Accountants and bookkeepers across the world are moving away from hourly pricing and towards value pricing. This is such a welcome trend, as it generally aligns the clients’ incentives with the accountants, but it brings along its own set of risks.

Clients care about outcome, and they pay based on results. That’s great because as your team improves, they are able to do the same job quicker, thus increasing the earnings per hour. In fact, the faster you work, the more you earn per hour. However, what if the scale tips the other way? If you have a new team member, or if someone makes a mistake, the accounting firm or manager would have to eat those hours in fixing these mistakes.

Mistakes are expensive!

When accountants and bookkeepers make more profit by delivering work faster, quality may decline. In fact, Tom, our CEO, has experienced this first hand when he was an advisor at a fast-scaling bookkeeping start up – Legacy Advantage. Under value pricing, Legacy Advantage grew by over 100% per year. However, quality started be impacted. More managers were hired to fix this problem, erasing any gains.

What fast growing firms truly need is an Accounting Quality Automation (AQuA) tool – VERIFYiQ.

VERIFYiQ allows firms to scale their teams without worrying about quality because it not only catches errors, it also teaches your team members how to fix these errors.

You need both speed AND quality to make money in a value pricing world. Now you can finally have both.

Your clients care about outcome; you care about speed. How do you reconcile? VERIFYiQ is the missing piece of the puzzle.

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