VerifyiQ is proud to announce four new features to improve automated quality reviews, another step towards improving quality control for bookkeepers and accountants.


“You asked and we listened,” said David McLaughlin, VP of Product. “Our latest update includes an export function, allowing our customers to extract the review data from VerifyiQ and upload it into their Workforce Management Software of choice, thereby allowing greater flexibility for their personnel to make any corrections that might be needed.”

This addition makes it possible for customers to upload review data more directly to various softwares or get it into google sheets or excel.


The second of the new features is a Review Score included in Notification Emails. VerifyiQ’s Review Score helps those reviewing the files to better prioritize their workload and identify urgent issues that may need to be addressed more urgently.

“This upgrade allows the Reviewer to know the client’s Review Score before logging into VerifyiQ, making for a more efficient workflow than before,” McLaughlin said.


Always mindful of the inbox fatigue, we went too light initially on notifications. So the third of the new features is Review Reminders, another nice addition to VerifyiQ’s email system.

“This upgrade will remind the Reviewer that they need to login to VerifyiQ and complete the review process before financial statements are sent to the client, ensuring that the client receives accurate financial information. Enabling reviewers is essential to the success of our clients,” said CEO Matthew May.


The last of the new features is Hardcoded Roles. In other words, an Associate, Manager, or Admin must be assigned to a client in order to run a review for them. Previously, Admins could always access a client file, but now, they must be added to a file – just like an Associate or Manager – before being able to run a review.

“This update was another step in enabling quality control accountability at the firm level. Our ultimate goal is to make quality review information useful at the Firm Management Level,”  said May. “So, in addition to review scores by a client, we also want to enable review scores by Associate and Manager. The Hardcoded Roles might sound like a technical thing but the update is the first step in enabling better insight into quality control across your firm.”

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