Pre-Seed Funding

VerifyiQ raised a Pre-Seed Funding Round led by Acuity Invests. VerifyiQ is an accounting practice management solution that helps accounting firms establish a quality control system and improves file reviews.

New CEO, Matthew May, explained the reason for their new investment. “VerifyiQ has been a helpful tool that assists us behind the scenes with the operations team, to the extent that we finally have a scalable plan for quality control at Acuity to support over 500 clients through the platform. We’ve found that it is really reducing our people time and refocusing our time on the right thing – better managing and growing our firm. I’m excited to join the team and lead VerifyiQ. Our first order of business is to solidify the quality control functionality of the platform over the next 6 months. While the technology team is laser focused on that, we’ll be evaluating the platform to see the next area where VerifyiQ can make a unique impact, whether it is in practice management, revenue assurance, or sales lead generation. At Acuity, we see potential impact in all of those areas, but taking care of our existing customers is job one, and those are the folks we will be listening to as we expand the platform.”

Leadership Changes

With the Pre-Seed Funding, the company announced the following other leadership changes:

– Matthew May  – Chief Executive Officer

– Amin Yazdani – Chief Technology Officer and Founder

– Roohi Moosavi – VP Engineering

– David McLaughlin – VP Product

The new leadership team includes a great balance of accountants who understand the pain of growing a firm and technical know-how. The common thread between everyone is familiarity, as all four have been involved with the product since 2019. May said, “It was critical to our investment to retain the two main architects of the product, Amin and Roohi. The addition of David adds a hands-on accountant to the product team who lived the problems that accountants are facing today. He led quality control at Acuity as it grew from 50 to 500 clients.”

Technology Partnerships

Amin Yazdani, CTO and founder, said, “We’re excited to continue to evolve and dig into the problems facing accountants. We’ve come so far with the help of our close technology partners – QuickBooks Online and Xero. These two platforms have been and will continue to be essential for the growth of our customers. With the addition of Acuity to our ownership group, we further extend the relationships with both these partner ecosystems. Our technology team already has a better line of sight to the real problems that accountants are facing today.”

Meet Our Team



As Chief Executive Officer, Matthew serves as the principal strategic, operational, and financial leader of VerifyiQ. In this entrepreneurial role, he is responsible for all aspects of launch, growth, and maturation of the company, building and leading VerifyiQ on its path to creating the future of practice management software. Working in partnership with the Chief Technology Officer, VP of Product, and VP of Engineering, he is accountable for all operational functions to ensure high-quality partnerships with our clients.



As Chief Technology Officer, Amin is essentially deemed VerifyiQ’s “architect.” Through strong technical leadership, he serves as the motivator for teams, helping them to reach their end goals within the company. In addition, this is a collaborative role. He’s responsible for helping to grow and scale the engineering team, working alongside the VP of Engineering, as well as helping to guide the product roadmap, working alongside the VP of Product to keep VerifyiQ up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies that best suit the growth of the company.



As VP Engineering at VerifyiQ, Roohi is the lead coder for the company’s software. Roohi has a passion for coding, which he utilizes to tackle tough projects, mentor and manage the team of engineers, and lead VerifyiQ into the future of practice management software. This is a motivational and results-oriented role, zeroed in on people, maintaining quality, and implementing processes for high scale growth.



As VP Product at VerifyiQ, David bridges the gap between strategic vision, market feedback, and a concrete product roadmap. This includes directing portfolio, product strategy, and product roadmaps for the company. His role is to strategize about what could (and should) be built next, while keeping a 50,000-foot view of the bigger picture, always ready to lead the team of engineers in their efforts to create the future of practice management software.

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