My mentor used to tell me that the healthiest marriages have couples who have grown from being dependent, to independent to interdependent – dependent on their parents when they were young, independent in their early adulthood, and interdependent on the other spouse to bring the best out of each other.

Your team members should follow the same growth journey. When new employees join you, they are dependent on you for everything. Some graduate to become independent and contribute to the firm without your constant supervision. Few exceed expectations and with whom you become interdependent. Undeniably, your team becomes more effective as more employees move to the next stage. Consequently, your clients receive better service and your firm continues to differentiate from your peers.

How do you move more employees to the next stage as efficiently and as effectively as possible?

Dependent => Independent => Interdependent


The key to moving more employees from dependent to independent is training and feedback. When Bob and Kenji started their accounting firms, they spent an immense amount of time training their employees, reviewing their file quality, and providing review notes. That’s a lot of managing and not a lot of leading. Even then, many of the review notes were the same, file after file, month after month. As much as they love their teams, there are challenges with working with human beings; people don’t have perfect memory.

I’m sure you have experienced something similar. To combat this, you create checklists and processes, but inevitably, someone gets lazy; checklists aren’t used, and quality issues creep back up.

VERIFYiQ automates this process. VERIFYiQ plugs into Quickbooks or Xero runs a powerful algorithm and catches errors in an accounting file. Not only does it identify these errors, but it also tells your team how to fix them. This saved many VERIFYiQ users hours of training, freeing Accounting Managers to lead, and not just review files.

When your team can leverage VERIFYiQ to automatically check their work and get feedback, they have made a huge stride to becoming independent.


What does an interdependent team look like? They lead others, motivate each other, and feel on purpose. Daniel Pink wrote a great book called – Drive, where he explains that your employees get motivation from having Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

You can give your teams more autonomy, and help them improve their craft by leveraging VERIFYiQ. What about purpose? How can we give your team purpose?

By helping them become Trusted Advisors.

Without accurate data, it’s hard to offer actionable advice to your clients. Without time savings, it’s hard to find the time to dig deep and identify areas of improvement. VERIFYiQ allows you to achieve both data accuracy and time savings.

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