As busy professionals, we all enjoy the feeling of “flow”…. andit’salwaysinterruptedbykidsscreamingdogsparkingcatshissingspousesbickering… you get the picture. With a raging pandemic, working from home with chatty spouses and pent up kids is the new normal and we have to live with constant distractions.

However, our clients still rely on us to produce accurate timely bookkeeping at the same cost. VERIFYiQ can contribute to this goal. VERIFYiQ automatically check your work and your team members work for many of the most common errors. As a team leader, you don’t have time to be always catching mistakes in bank reconciliations, or telling your team to zero out uncategorized accounts, especially if you’ve already told them multiple times before. Let an app do that for you.

VERIFYiQ supports your business amidst this new normal that’s filled with distractions. Trust VERIFYiQ to bring your clients accuracy so you can continue to FOCUS on things only you can do. Other apps such as and significantly help with staying effective amidst distractions. Check them out!

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