VerifyiQ is Simplifying Bookkeeping in QuickBooks

Ever wished there was a way to make bookkeeping in QuickBooks less of a headache? Meet VerifyiQ, your new ally in the QuickBooks App Store. We’re here to simplify your accounting function.

VerifyiQ is all about cutting through the clutter, creating the next generation of quality control for bookkeeping practices. Our tool is designed to automatically catch 80% of all errors, ensuring that your financial data is reliable.

“VerifyiQ has quickly become an essential part of our operations and has improved efficiency and quality across the board,” said Julianne Autry, founder of Financial Foothold. “Our team is really loving how it’s such a time saver.”

Learning with Intuit’s Developer Growth Program

Intuit rolled out a program to assist QuickBooks developers in enhancing their apps at the end of 2022 called the Developer Growth Program. VerifyiQ was selected to participate in the initiative.

As we continue to evolve as a company, we’re incredibly fortunate for all that we’ve gained through Intuit’s Developer Growth Program.

In a recent article from Intuit, VerifyiQ CEO Matthew May said, “It is incredible to have access to the vast resources at Intuit with their deep software knowledge. For example, a UI review by Intuit experts is an incredible opportunity to get deeper product insights to help us understand what moves the needle from an engagement perspective.

“Around every turn and in every meeting we’ve had, we find a deep subject matter expert at Intuit to support us. The marketing assets at Intuit are unparalleled in the industry. It has given us a huge jump start to have access to the tools in the Intuit marketing portal for our marketing campaigns.”

Looking Ahead

The road ahead is exciting. Being a part of Intuit’s Developer Growth Program, we’re not just building a tool – we’re fostering a community and setting new standards for efficiency in accounting.

Check us out in the QuickBooks App Store and start revolutionizing your bookkeeping in QuickBooks!

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