VerifyiQ is thrilled to announce our latest integration: Zapier. Zapier helps businesses automate workflows. It moves information between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Now, our customers with the Enterprise Plan will be able to bring completed VerifyiQ review data into their CRM of choice.

“Once enabled, the integration will push the Client Name, Bookkeeper Information, Reviewer Name, and Review Score And Date into the CRM; thereby allowing the firm’s Partners to see which personnel are performing well and which may need improvement,” said David McLaughlin, VP of Product. “ This is in addition to which Client Files may need improvement in order to comply with the firm’s Quality Control Standards.”


Zapier is set up in three easy steps – integrate, automate, and innovate. After linking your web apps to share data, it will automatically pass information between your apps with workflows called Zaps. As for innovating, you can then build processes more efficiently to get more done, without any code.

It’s as simple as telling Zapier to do the following: “When I get a new email in Gmail, copy the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox. Then, alert me in Slack about the new Dropbox file.” And when Zapier says link your web apps, they mean it. The company connects more than 3,000 web apps, adding new apps every week.


Currently on the Enterprise Plan? You can begin to use the Zapier integration today! Please reach out to Support to have this feature enabled on your Enterprise account. If you have any questions, reach out using the chat feature on our website.

If you’re a new customer, or an existing customer who would like to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan, click here.

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